Logging in to the website…


Our new website has finally went live and we are super excited to share all the new features with you. To make sure we are effective and communicating with you, we are asking EVERY member to check a few things.

Log into our site at:

WestGABoard.org > Click “Member Center” > Click “Current Member Log In”

Username : NRDS #  (look up NRDS # here)

Password: Last name (first letter capital)

1. Log in to the new website and make sure your information is correct (most importantly – your email). Add a professional picture to your profile as you are now listed on our website and this is a great way for consumers to find you.

2. Notice your dues bill for 2018 is ready to pay when ever you are ready. Don’t worry, they aren’t due until January 1, 2018. For those of you who would like to make payments or get it out of the way – its there waiting.

3. Don’t forget your log in information. Anytime that you would like to register for an event, CE Class, or luncheon, you will need to log in.

If you have any trouble logging in, please email blair@westgaboard.org